About San Miguel

About San Miguel School

San Miguel Middle School is dedicated to helping children from challenging environments, regardless of race, nationality, or religion, to achieve academic and personal success through a non-tuition driven, Lasallian education.
San Miguel The Challenge:

40% were bullied in elementary school

21% of our students are identified as especially at risk of gang influence

16% have a family member in prison 1in2 have witnessed or have been the victim of violence, abuse or neglect

11% have experienced hunger at home with no food to eat 100% of our families meet the federal poverty guidelines for free or reduced lunch
San Miguel The Success Story:

A San Miguel education lifts students out of poverty. In the last six years:

95% of San Miguel graduates completed high school in four years

76% of Tulsa Public School middle school graduates completed high school in four years

75% of middle school graduates nationally completed high school in four years (from Academic Performance Index)

San Miguel operates entirely through the generosity of benefactors